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Why Does Family Violence Exists?

There are many reasons why family violence exists. One of the most influencing factors that cause family violence is the legacy followed across generations that highlights abuse and violence as an essential attribute to display power, command or just getting things done.

Children belonging to such families grow up with an impression that this is the way of life and that’s how it is. Violence then becomes the part of their legacy which is carried forward every generation. Children, sometimes intentionally and mostly unintentionally, learn violence and abuse by example.

When children see unhealthy relationships they believe that violence is normal. They may turn out to be violent adults. Without help for the family, abused people stay stuck. Violence progresses as well and becomes more and more serious without intervention. Family violence reduces self esteem and increases shame and fear. Because children are young, they hold themselves responsible for the violence in their families.

Family violence is never acceptable; there will never be any reason enough to justify family violence. Young children who grow up in the type of family where violence is part of life are at high risk to involve themselves in this type of behaviour as they grow up and become adults - fathers/husbands/mothers/wives. Learn what defines family violence.  

Break The Cycle

We know for a fact that family violence can stop. We all have a part to play. This website is just a beginning. We all need the courage to talk to our youth, our mothers, fathers, family members and neighbours if we suspect any type of violence in a home. We cannot afford to turn our back on something that has such a negative effect on all of us.

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