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The Role Models of the Four Directions

On behalf of the Manitoba First Nations Board for Family Violence Prevention, we welcome you to our Role Models of the Four Directions. 

Our Role Models

Elder Henry Skywater represents the South; Eugene Blackbird represents the West, Elder Irene Young represents the North; along with Rose Thomas representing the East.

The Centre focus is represented by Bertha Prince, a youth and our future. Role Models are absolutely necessary in all aspects of our lives. Elders tell us and research proves that if “children have good role models they tend to be motivated self-learners.” They will also have a “very healthy and nurturing imagination” for a lifetime.

Role Models can be powerful forces in our lives and it is always comforting to have one during all stages of our lives.Sometimes we learn through imitation; we look around for somebody who is doing what we want to do and we learn from a person we know, respect or value. Role Models can model whole lives as well as particular skills. We seek good role models to follow and our hope is that one day we may be a role model for someone because of our approach and commitment to living a good life.

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Role Models can have a positive effect towards learning, school, attitudes, behaviour, our self concept, our beliefs in ourselves, our moral development, and our relationships in our homes, at work and in our social lives.

We have many Role Models in our communities; each of us needs to look for him or her and appreciate the gifts our Creator has given us.