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Can the cycle of Family Violence be broken?

We know for a fact that family violence can stop. We all have a part to play. This booklet is just a beginning. We all need the courage to talk to our youth, our mothers, 

fathers, family members and neighbours if we suspect any type of violence in a home. We cannot afford to turn our back on something that has such a negative effect on all of us. There is nothing good about family violence.

Why Speak out on Family Violence

Violence is wrong; there is no need for any type of violence in our families. We are all affected by family violence; children, husbands, wives, common law partners, mothers, fathers, extended families, friends, our communities and society in general. 

Family violence exists within too many families regardless of where they live. We all have a responsibility to talk about family violence, educate people in our lives about it and do whatever it takes to stop it. 

This cycle of violence needs to end